Download all images and imageye image downloader for Instagram photos

There happen to be several extensions and applications which you can use to download instagram photo and they include Imageye and download all images and thus, important to know about them.
Imageye – the image downloader
It is a bulk image downloader which is quite simple and it is easier to use because of its interface which is intuitive. The Imageye is known to work direct from the button of the extension and as soon as you are able to click on it, it will be able to load the images on the present page in its own interface.
The great part about it all is that, it is able to load the images with all the sizes which are available on the webpage. It denotes that, you can be able to download the images in the preview size or go to the original size. It also denotes that, you will need to search via several images also, which could be twice as much, in order to download them.
You can as well click on each of the images so that you select them, and then go ahead and click on the download so that you can download them. It also comes with a button for filtering the images by sizes, type or the URL. On the overall, it is an extension which is great if you are out looking for an intuitive something.
Download all images
Just the way the name suggests, the download all images is able to download all the images that are found on the page without you having an option of choosing the type of image that you would download. All you need to do is to click on the button of the extension and it will download immediately all the images that is on the page, saving them in a zip file for you. it doesn’t have any customization option or the ability of viewing the images in the extension.