Ebekpage Review

ebekpage is an online platform for eCommerce. ebekpage connects repair shops and business owners, using expert knowledge and smart technology. Showcase your service through online feedback, build the credibility with customer reviews and then enhance your online profile with high-quality reviews. Ebekpage is a free eCommerce solution for small to mid-size repairs.

Features: Ebekpage is simple to use, quick to load and navigate, provides fast access to information, no features added to add a feature to it, no extra banners or advertising. It has a WYSIWYG web editor that makes your life simpler. The interface is clean and intuitive, no pop ups. You can create a new page in two steps without any technical knowledge. It is fully compatible with all browsers and supports all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Status Bar: The Status Bar is very useful and a nice feature to have. Most websites have one. It displays the connection status including connectivity to the internet, loading/reading progress, open links, bookmarking etc. If you wish to add some more widgets on your page, all you need to do is click on Add Widgets at the bottom of the page. ebekpage has over 60 free web widgets such as: Favorite Themes, Language and Region, Weather, Alarm clock, Car/Rental/Vendor Lists, Links to external sites, Email and chat links, Pop up boxes and much more.
Ebay Classifieds: You can post free classified ads for any product or service you want to sell. You can customize the layout, add pictures, write the description of the item you are selling and put a price on it. All you need to do is sign up and create your account. Post free classified ads for Ebekpage and see your business grow.
Advanced Search Tools: Using keywords is one of the best ways to find items using Ebay. Ebay offers a free tool called Search by Keyword that can help you search by keywords to find items fast. You can also search for specific products and services. To add a free web classified ad on Ebekpage you need to sign up first. Once you are a member you can access all the features and tools and create unlimited free web classified ads for Ebekpage.
Support: Support is available for the users and they are always answering questions. You can post any question you may have to the customer support executives. They are always ready to help you find that the item you are looking for at a cheaper price. The best part about Ebekpage is they provide an open forum so you can get any question answered. As you can see, there is never a bad review for this free web classified ad site.