Why Crimsafe Sliding Doors and Windows Are a Great Investment

Are you thinking about installing new sliding glass door windows onto your home? If so, then there are few things you need to keep in mind before you decide to go forward and make the investment. There is no doubt that installing new sliding glass doors will give your home a whole new look and feel, as well as adding security to your home and property. In addition to this, however, you also need to know exactly what kind of door would be best suited to your home. To help you out here are the three most important advantages to Crimsafe sliding glass doors:

The three primary advantages to crimsafe sliding doors: Safe. Sliding glass doors with their non-bump opening to provide an unparalleled level of security for homes and businesses. These sliding glass doors are fitted with a 3-point locking system that’s fitted to your existing aluminium tracks, so you don’t have to replace your existing aluminium door frame. This means that if intruders manage to wedge their way between the sliding panels or into the gap between the panels, then they would most likely have their chance of getting away from you without having to worry about being seen or caught by the interior lighting of your property. The integrated locking systems are so foolproof that you can leave them in place while you are out of the house – meaning you won’t have to worry about intruders trying to force their way into your home or business.
The additional security benefit that you will get from crimsafe sliding doors is that you can prevent burglars from entering your home through a door that has a magnetic strip surrounding it. The presence of the magnetic strip allows you to activate the locking system at a distance of around 30 inches, which means that even if the intruders do manage to get through your home’s sliding door, they are unlikely to be able to enter through any other means. The added security will make your property much more difficult to steal from. Criminals will be less likely to target homes and businesses that have this type of locking screen door installed.
In terms of providing insulation to your home and business, these doors are far more effective than conventional glass windows and doors. It is well known that UV rays can cause damage to your building’s internal structure. Whilst glass windows and doors do offer some degree of protection against these UV rays, the effect is very minimal and usually only occurs over a very short period of time. You will still notice that there is some amount of heat loss through these windows and doors. This heat loss is caused by the fact that most people are not sitting directly in front of these doors and windows, so the heat that is escaping will often escape through cracks in the glass and doors.
Sliding doors are also extremely good at preventing falls in buildings. This is because they offer you a way of ensuring that you get fresh air into your room. If you live in a building that is cold and drafty, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to stay warm and comfortable in your room if there are no windows or doors to allow fresh air in. However, with a sliding door in place, you will be able to open them and allow fresh air to flow into the room easily, whilst being protected from the elements. Your heating and cooling bills will likely decrease as a result of fresh air being able to enter the room. This will leave you with more money to spend on other things.
Installing crimsafe screens over your windows and sliding doors can be a fantastic investment for any home or business. Not only do these provide you with protection from the elements, but they will also provide you with a way to improve the appearance of your property. Most people will agree that their house or business looks far better when the right amount of light and fresh air enters a room. However, if you are still not happy with the way your property looks, then you can always invest in new windows or doors. They will certainly provide you with the best look and security, which should be enough of a reason to buy them.