Parais des Thes – French Tea House in Paris

thes palace (palais des thes) is a privately owned tea house based in Paris, France. It has recently been awarded “Master” status by the International Tea Traveler (ITT). It also won “tasted excellence” in the 2020 International Tea Festival held in Tokyo, Japan. It has been awarded “Best Shop” in the “tea and fruit” category at the prestigious Tasting Tea Festival held in Kona, Hawaii. It is one of several new tea houses opening in trendy neighborhoods all over the world in an effort to tap the growing global market. Besides its prestigious status, Palais Des Thes also claims to have “the most diverse blend of premium quality green tea from Asia”, which accounts for its reputation as a top-class tea house.

The business was started by Bernard Fusseau, who had been previously involved in selling other teas such as the famed Earl Grey and various oolong blends. Eventually, his son Florian joined in and the business gradually grew until it became a family enterprise. Today, the shop offers a variety of premium quality teas, including the award winning Loire farmhouse blend, made from high quality black leaf tea from France’s Loire Valley. It also serves many other tea selections, including ginseng, jasmine green tea, and peach wood tea.

The business also serves a wide variety of specialty teas such as angel food cake, baby milk, chamomile tea, chocolate orange scented tea, cinnamon and white tea, hazelnut and honey tea, ginger-scented tea, lemon and lime tea, Mexican themed teas, organic teas, South American and Asian teas, and premium specialty teas such as Kuma-zasa, sencha, uji, genmaicha, and more. Tea drinkers can choose from over 300 different types of teas, ranging from budget priced Single Origin Special Single Varietal (SOS) and Biwa to higher end brands like the Yerba mate and Long jin roo. Tea houses often feature desserts such as fruit tarts and cookies. They also feature baked goods, including brownies and pies, banana nut loaf and other delicious confections. Most feature local artisans, who make their own cookies, jams, honey and desserts. There are also coffee shops and restaurants on the premises.