What is the Guardian Project?

The Internet has Come to Be the part and parcel of the own lives, Today we can’t live our own life without the connection or access to the world wide web. Internet is utilized by almost every type of men and women from industry pros to school kiddies. The innovation of the internet is surely a blessing to human lifetime but with it comes some drawbacks. The area of web is really a blessing to folks but because the technologies evolves evil forces dip in if left unattended. These wicked forces can be of any form such as internet fraudshackers, spammers, online theft, greed, trolls, and a number of different types. These varieties of people are a threat to individuals getting the online environment.

The way to fight evil Forces on the internet?

Tech can take a real toll on the psychological health of the Youths and many individuals on the web but the question how can people fight such bullies and scams on the internet? The DigitalGuardianProject.org is based for this purpose to shield kids and folks from your internet bullies who exploit them at just about every stage. This platform or software is made to be one step ahead of these evil forces present in today’s world of modern-day technology. The world of the web requires constant observation and evacuation of wicked forces to create it a much far better place for kids.

What is your Digital Guardian Project?

Digital Guardian Project is software That Was founded by Nathan Freitas from the Calendar Year 2009. Guardian project has partnered with open-source computer software endeavors, activists classes, NGOs, business partners and fresh organizations to produce the web a better place for kids. The workforce works non-stop to construct software for the Android and i-OS to simply help people fight net greed, hackers, frauds, and several other such online cons. The aim of the job is really to take offence against people that try and exploit children online.